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Who We Are

One of the finest Social Clubs in Barcelona.


Have fun

The Super Siberia social club is a great place to come and let off some steam after work. Our HD projector sets the mood with relaxing visuals and cartoons, and when it’s cold and rainy outside we also love to play some classic films - Any suggestions for films? Let us know! 


For the more sociable souls, our live DJs’ sessions are the perfect remedy to get funky as well as to get to know the other club members. Playing chess, cards against humanities, and other board games during our “games night” is an event to not be missed - Guaranteed good times and giggles. 


Get Busy

A relaxing environment with chill music makes it a great place to get the job done. We invite entrepreneurs, freelancers, and IT geniuses to come and use our oakwood tables to finish those calculations, crack on with studying, or concoct those ingenious ideas. 


Hey! If you have something to express, come use our space to ignite your inner-creativity. We love to display some of our associates’ artwork here in the club, maybe we can share some of yours as well?!

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At Super Siberia you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Our luscious space is a safe haven for open minded people to gather, create, and have fun together. 


The main living space has several large ultra-comfortable sofas that sit right under our HD projector. On the far end, you’ll find our naturally-light oasis; a brick-walled space with floor cushions and foliage to cozily hide away behind. Our upstairs mezzanine gives a great view of the club and an additional level of chillness to the space. 


Come relax and laugh, and enjoy all of our amenities here at the Super Siberia social club.

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